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Board Membership

Coleman Preparatory Academy is seeking individuals who are committed to seeing a positive change in the education climate of Louisville. We are making an impact on our community and expect to see the impact grow stronger and wider.

Board Member Application and Expectations

To apply, all interested parties must submit:

A resume

A bio

A letter of interest, explicitly stating the reason for wanting to join the Coleman Preparatory Academy Board of Directors, how you intend to be an advocate for our Trailblazers, and what skills or expertise you will bring to Coleman Prep.


Upon being invited to join the board, all potential board members must:

Contribute $1,000 OR provide a specific plan to raise the $1,000 within 3 months of joining board

Commit to visiting the school in a board capacity at least once a month (i.e. reading to the students, assisting with a program, leading an activity)

Commit to holding a role on the board or leading a committee made of board members, faculty members, and parents

Commit to attending regular board meetings

Do you want to join the Trailblazer family in a board capacity?

Get started here! All documents need to be uploaded via the button below.

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