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We are on a mission to give each one of our students a tee from an HBCU! One of our pillars is to provide an HBCU-esque vibe to all of our trailblazers. With both founders being proud alumnae (Howard & Norfolk State), we know the importance and benefit HBCUs provide and we're magnifying it in Coleman Prep!


We are asking fellow proud HBCU attendees and alum to donate a tee from your favorite HBCU to Coleman Prep. We are currently serving kids in PreK-3 through 2nd grade, so only kids' sizes please!


Imagine the impact introducing HBCUs at the start of their educational journey will have! Help us make this dream a reality!


Let us know we should be expecting a tee from you by completing the form below. We want to thank you!

Please ship shirts to:

Coleman Prep Academy

324 E Broadway

Louisville, KY 40202

Would you prefer to donate? That works too!

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